From our community: Webinar updates, survey, & May meeting prep

Were you unable to attend the live webinar update on Thursday? If so, never fear! Everything is posted here, segmented into three parts (with most of the technical glitches edited out).

We had two gracious presenters: John Chodacki from California Digital Library, and Aaron Brenner from University of Pittsburgh Libraries. Each is engaged in experiments that are helping to advance our collective understanding of the challenges related to the long-term preservation and access of federal data.

John discussed efforts around a systematic means for backing up data that is systematically made accessible through, and Aaron and colleagues are exploring what it means to try to back up data that is of interest to a particular community within their institution. Hear what they have to say in the Part 1 video below.

There has been continued interest around expectations for the May Meeting. We are using the Libraries+ Network Survey as a means for casting a wide net and gathering as many ideas as possible about challenges and desired outcomes. The Part 2 video below outlines preliminary feedback received to date. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! And, know that this meeting is one node among many nodes of conversations happening at conferences, across agencies, and in working groups.

Part 3 below contains additional feedback from those attending on how we might think about challenges further and other aspects related to the use of federal data that may be less familiar to some of us but important to keep on the table as discussions continue.

In addition, notes are available online as are the slides. We invite you to share the work you are doing and we appreciate your efforts. Stay tuned...