DataRescue@UCSD: Project Description

The UCSD Library, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) are initiating a campus-wide project to mobilize UCSD scientists and technical staff, in collaboration with library to aid in the preservation of federal data that are at risk of being abandoned by budget cuts and other administrative actions that are adverse to the progress of science.

The DataRescue@UCSD project is an effort to have scientist-led data archival and curation by volunteer scientists at UCSD focused on their research interests and data related to them. This is not to the exclusion of other data but to attempt to align scientists with data that are important to them and to their research. We encourage academic departments to consider rewarding participants in their career development and merit review for these efforts and to teach successive generations of scientists trained at UCSD in the attendant best-practices.

Our goal is to harvest the data that are relevant to participating scientists and to collaborate with related efforts to minimize redundant efforts while ensuring the provenance and domain-expert support in organizing, preserving and providing access to these data. UCSD librarians will handle the administration of the data collections within their existing UCSD Library Digital Collections program. This will ensure that the provenance and integrity of the data are maintained according to the needs and best-practices of both the scientific and library communities.

The UCSD Library Digital Collections is an on-going program is designed to facilitate the longterm preservation of data authored by UCSD researchers and has well-developed cyberinfrastructure and training programs. DataRescue@UCSD will build on this program and contribute to the longterm goal of a sustainable national and international open-data architecture and operations concept.