Places to Learn More

Stephanie Wright giving her lightning talk at the Libraries+ Meeting May 8, 2017

Stephanie Wright giving her lightning talk at the Libraries+ Meeting May 8, 2017


November 16, 2017  Freedom of Research Forum (Paris, France), Freedom of Research and Ecology, with Margaret Janz

December 13, 2017  American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (New Orleans, LA), Preserving Scientific Integrity and Science-Based Governance in the New Political Era, with Margaret Janz and Bethany Wiggin



July 23, 2017  ESIP Summer Meeting (Bloomington, IN), “Data rescue” & ESIP, featuring Margaret Janz, Matthew Mayernik and others

June 24, 2017  ALA Annual Conference (Chicago, IL). ACRL/SPARC Forum (ACRL): Save the Data: The Role of Librarians in #datarescue Collaborations, featuring Laurie Allen, Stephanie Wright, and Claire Stewart

May 19, 2017 UNT Open Access Symposium (Frisco, TX). Panel with Margaret Janz

May 8-9, 2017 Libraries+ Network Meeting (Washington, DC)

May 4, 2017  Yale. Talk and panel featuring Bethany Wiggin

May 3, 2017  csv conf (Portland, OR), featuring Laurie Allen

May 3, 2017 PACSCL (Philadelphia, PA), featuring Margaret Janz

May 2, 2017 ARL Directors Meeting (Philadelphia, PA), featuring Bethany Wiggin and Carton Rogers, and with Kim Eke, Margaret Janz, and Sarah Wipperman

May 1, 2017  Open Source for Open Science (Portland, OR), with Laurie Allen

April 21, 2017 Social Science Research Center meeting, with Laurie Allen and Bethany Wiggin

April 19, 2017  Research Access and Preservation Summit (Seattle, WA). DataRefuge: Literally saving [data about] the world, lightning talk by Margaret Janz.  Also a BoF dinner for DataRefuge and EDW that evening!

April 19, 2017  Libraries+ Informational Update for anyone with an interest in the current status of the project as well as an interest in sharing ideas and hearing about plans for the May 8-9 Meeting in DC.

April 17, 2017 Endangered Data Week at NDSA: Standards & Practices open call.

April 10, 2017 ARL Directors Webinar for directors and their staff, with Bethany Wiggin, Kim Eke, Justin Nobel, and Justin Schell

April 8, 2017 DataRescue New Haven@Yale 2, with Margaret Janz

April 7, 2017  Virtual Meeting with Data Librarians and other Data Professionals, led by Margaret Janz with support from Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, Matthe Mayernik, Jenny Muilenburg, Jon Petters, and Justin Schell

April 3, 2017  CNI Spring Membership Meeting (Albuquerque, NM). Building Data Refuge: From bucket brigade to sustainable action, with Laurie Allen, Kim Eke, Elizabeth Foster, Delphine Khanna, and Catherine Morse

March 29, 2017  Help! I'm an Accidental Government Information Librarian Webinar. Saving government data: A conversation with the future, featuring Laurie Allen, James Jacobs, and Jim Jacobs