May Meeting Lightning Talk Recordings

First half:

  • Laurie Allen (1:18), Assistant Director of Digital Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • Denice Ross (9:58), Public Interest Technology Fellow, New America
  • Nancy McGovern (17:26), Director of Digital Preservation at MIT Libraries and Society of American Archivists President
  • Sayeed Choudhury (25:38), Assoc. Dean for Research Data Management, Johns Hopkins University Libraries  
  • Phillip Ashlock (33:23), Chief Architect,
  • Ed Kearns (43:16), Chief Data Officer, NOAA

Second half:

  • John Chodacki (1:04), Director, Digital Curation Center at California Digital Library
  • James R. Jacobs (7:35), US Government Information Librarian, Stanford University Libraries
  • Delphine Khanna (16:38), Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Temple University Libraries
  • Andrew Turner (24:53), Director at ESRI R&D
  • Michael Halpern (31:18), Deputy Director, Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Stephanie Wright (40:16), Program Lead, Mozilla Science Lab